Finding a high-quality wood stove requires some research. It is, therefore, necessary to properly understand what a best wood stove specifications are and how they work.

Catalytic Wood Stoves

There are some wood stoves that accompany catalytic combustor. It is basically a device that is used to increase combustion efficiency. It functions by lowering the wood stoves flue gas ignition. According to experts, both catalytic and non-catalytic combustion approaches in best wood stove are proved to be effective.

Size of Firebox

Firebox is basically the area where the wood is going to be placed and burn out. There are different sizes of the firebox and it mainly depends on your need that which size accommodates your needs. Of course, a large size firebox can accommodate larger wood pieces and hence produce more heat than a small size firebox. However, small wood stove contains smaller size firebox that is ideal for a household needs.

Log Size limits

Since the size of the firebox will determine how long the size of the logs should be that is going to be burned in the stove, it is important to evaluate your particular wood stove before buying the firewood. The average size of the logs for any wood stove is approximately 15” to 16’’. This size is easy to handle as well. It is also important to know that firebox size must be larger than the pieces of firewood.

Wood Stove Heating Performance

These features contribute towards the maximum heat the best wood stove will provide. Although the quality of best wood stove is the actual measure of heating performance, it is also necessary to know that quality of logs or wood also impacts the efficiency. There are basically two criteria of measuring heat efficiency i-e;

  • Extraction efficiency
  • Heat transfer efficiency

These were the few important notes that will surely help your buying decision.


Buying Guidelines for High-Quality Wood Stoves

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