Tips for Choosing the Best School

Currently, there are many schools available for children. Each school has a different curriculum, approach, teaching method, and values. There is a new view of education that is right for children. The approach to active learning, which does not emphasize the test alone, and stimulates the child’s curiosity becomes more important because children need a school that develops their potential.

We as parents cannot know what challenges children will face later. It takes the environment and school that can shape a child into a true learner who will continue to learn throughout his life. So whatever challenges they can face later. Rahma Paramita, M.Psi., A child psychologist, gave her tips in choosing the best school for toddlers.

To Find Out The Quality Of A Good School, In General Schools Must:

Pay attention to the child’s basic psychological needs and pay attention to the child’s developmental stages. For example, the need … Read more