Many must have tried their luck in horse racing betting at some or other point in their life. But, most of them being new in this area tend to lose their bet than winning it. This happens mainly because of lack of knowledge about the ins and outs of this sporting event. In such events studying free horse racing tips prove to be helpful.

Some of the free horse racing tips which are worth considering while choosing your horse for betting at the racing are as follows:

  1. First of all it is important to begin by looking at the horse racing form carefully. You can get these forms at the newsstands and tracks. These forms are also available online these days. The best place to start is looking at the jockey and the trainer. Another great tip is considering the factors such as performances in previous races. But in majority of the cases past performance do not help. So the best tips is that picks on jockey and trainer in horse racing can be accomplished easily, which helps in removing the number of horses from your hindering process at the first step.
  2. Considering looking at recent form is another free horse racing tip. The performance of a horse in prevailing race can be indicated by its performance in previous three races. Certain aspects that would help you are analyzing the finishing position and the speed figures. Racing form can help you in obtaining the speed figures, they are listed on them. It indicates how horse has been performing in last or some other particular track. You can take consideration of speed figures of the previous races and determine those figures against the remaining field. This would give you a perfect ideal of how the race will shape up.
Looking For Free Horse Race Betting Tips?

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