The Cyprus Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution with affordable monetary facilities. Cyprus CU mortgages are the best trusted – fast and affordable interest rates for the people belonging to all sections of the community.

Utah and Salt Lake City

Cyprus Credit Union needs no detailed introduction in providing Cyprus CU mortgages in Utah and Salt Lake City. You can get loan approximately 100% of your property’s market value.

How to get started?

At the Cyprus Credit Union, you are not supposed to think them of just your mortgage lender; they are mortgage partner as well. You can get them on phone at any time in order to talk to one the advisors for the answers to any queries. One of their specialized, skilled and qualified Cyprus CU mortgages consultants will the there to ably assist you at your each step of the process.

Important points you need to know

There are some important points you need to bear in mind. Cyprus CU mortgages are subject to the condition of approval procedure with the agreement of all the terms and conditions.

Loans are founded on eligibility. The rate is fixed at 3.49% needing 720 FICO score. It is obtainable solely on refinancing basis. Diverse rate and condition are on a second home or primary residence. In addition, it may also consist of additional terms and conditions.

Other observations include equal housing lender, member NCUA, and MLS ID. For more details, it is always helpful to visit their main site. You should be glad to know that the Cyprus Credit Union provides their clients with free checking accounts as well. Some of the prominent benefits are here.

  • Free direct deposit facility
  • Free billing payments
  • Free debit card
  • Free internet banking
  • Free phone banking
  • Free balance checking out

The loan procedure is a bit hard and so one of the representatives is there to help you out whenever you need to. You can get help from one of them at every step of the way. However, you can visit their main site if you intend to establish a no-obligation meeting. The email address is out there.

Short-term & long-term Cyprus mortgages at a cool rate

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