God does exist with physical reality. Reasons, in favor of His existence, are present in a variety of ways and can please people with a lot of questions by practical proofs, the evidence of observations, and divine authentication.

Findings of a leading atheist

British philosopher Dr. Antony Flew, a leading atheist, was conclusively like, “super-intelligence is the only good explanation for the origin of life and the complexity of nature.” His conclusion revolves around the discoveries of DNA.

The characteristics of water

How amazing the characteristics of water are! Water is fragrance-free, monochrome; flavorless still living things can’t survive without it.

Dr. Antony Flew was considered to be the central figure to support atheism because of his active involvement in back to back debates against the existence of God. Finally, his mind was free from the question, is God real?

He was a great British philosopher, and how about you? Is God real, isn’t it? DNA is only one example. There are a lot of good reasons to free us from the question, is God real? However, most people want to find compelling evidence that God is real.

Scientific studies

When talking about scientific studies, what is nature? The primary idea of science is nature. Who is this nature? So, findings coming from scientific research to give us the conclusion; at least someone is there to operate the universe.

Dr. Antony took 30 years to conclude the cogent reasons for the existence of God. The conclusions were based on DNA; and in his interview, he had no way to escape from the undeniable conclusion. The study of the reasons for God’s existence should be based on three facts. One, it is possible to know whether God exists or not. The other, evidence justify that God does exist. The third one, there are so many physical proofs about the existence of God.

The actual story behind the concept of God

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