Don’t worry if you are faced with iCloud Unlock, because it is still possible to break the password through Doulci tool which has recently been introduced with all the latest and newest features that were missing in its previous version and therefore you were able to gain access to iPhone but not with all the features that you were able to before locking it.

Unfortunately, Apple Company offers no solution to iCloud Unlock despite the fact that the person who wants to get it unlocked is the real owner. They launched the iCloud unlock/lock options for the user’s own security but they did not think for a while that it could be a trouble for their users when they would forget the valid password.

There may be two mains reason for your iPhone being locked. One, your previous owner can block it using the access to iCloud. The other, you forgot your password and therefore you are not being allowed to enter into your iPhone.

Whether it is any reason of the two, it is a terrible situation that you are the owner but you have no right to using it. It’s like you are the owner of a factory or firm but you are not allowed to enter the gate because you have no keys because the keys have been left out anywhere you don’t know, they could be anywhere!

The previous owner of the secondhand phone can block your iPhone by keeping it locked to their iCloud account and thus you will not be allowed to sign in anymore. So, those having an iPhone or iPad but sadly it’s stuck, there’s no need to worry to so while the solution to the issue is already available in the form of a great tool named Doulci Activator.

Another reason for the account blockage is that you don’t remember your iCloud password and therefore it isn’t really possible to get it back in its normal states unless you enter the valid password that you have already forgotten. Once you have forgotten the password, iPhone you have is nothing more than an unusable device; however, you should thank the team who created Doucli Activator allowing you to regain the access.

The best iCloud Activation lock removal tool ever!

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