How to get started?

Before you put your plan of constructing a lawn, you will need to test & improve your soil. This will help you choose the right landscaping company Agawam and an appealing lawn in the end.

The importance of a soil test

Do you know how to test your soil before you practically start the project? Testing the soil for pH is the very first step because the grass will grow according to the nature of the land.

You should be familiar with what basic nutrients your land contains. Dig a better hole where pants are needed to be seeded or fixed. Once the landscaping company Agawam is familiar with what sort of soil they have to work with they will be better able to cope.

Just suppose the laboratory report found the soil is not of good quality lacking basic nutrients, there’s no need to worry so, the soil can be amended. A soil test is important for so many good reasons.

A combination of four ingredients

The soil is a combination of four ingredients organic material, water, air & minerals. If the land lacks even any one of them, you will not be able to realize the dream of creating an ideal lawn or garden.

There’s no escaping from the fact that the soil provides nutrients to the grass, and so you can better understand what kind of grass will grow when it will not receive the nutrients. The lack of basic nutrients means the land is not able to provide nutrients and therefore, your garden and lawn will not flourish as per your expectations.

Just watering the grass and thinking that you have done your job is not the right thing, what you need to understand is that the soil is the main source of serving as a foundation for grass and plants.

The way your lawn & garden can flourish!

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