Endodontic Treatment is mainly a procedure that is performed to save the natural tooth in the best possible manner. Endodontics is a specialized branch of dentistry that deals with the inner structure of the teeth such as the pulp, nerves, tissues, and others.

In case of any inner tooth damage, it can become necessary to seek endodontic treatment.

Here are some of the top causes of tooth damage –


  • Bacterial infection can cause endodontic problems and cause injury or tooth decay.
  • It can result in inflammation and may require endodontic treatment.


  • Many times, the crown or any part of the tooth is detached, you might need endodontic therapy.
  • Most of the time, if the pulp remains exposed, it can be quite painful for the person.


  • Many times, direct or indirect injuries to the teeth can dislodge your socket and injure the tooth.
  • Endodontic therapy can help stabilize the injured tooth and offer some relief.


  • Sometimes, if a tooth is removed from the socket, it might be necessary to rinse and place it back.
  • Endodontist can help affix the tooth in the socket and perform other procedure to help save the tooth.
Top Reasons Why you Need might Need Endodontic Treatment

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