If you are looking for a shamanic healer, you need to be careful which one you should pick. The healer and the client should be a good fit for each other and should be able to trust each other throughout the process if the healing needs to have a positive effect on the person.

If you have been considering several shamanic healers, here are some steps to make a choice a little bit easier –

Know About their Training

  • Every shaman should be able to tell you how they learned about the shamanic healing and where they learn about the process.
  • If the shaman fails to explain this to you, they have not been properly trained, and it is best to look for another one.

Check their Methods

  • Different shamanic healers have their own unique shamanic healing method, and you need to find someone whose approach appeals to you.
  • It is best to read about the different methods and then pick the one that is most suitable for you.

Learn about their Experience

  • It is best to choose a shamanic healer with previous experience as it shows for their proficiency.
  • A good healer will be able to take on only those clients that they can get good results from and learn from the feedback of their clients.

Knows their Shamanic Duties

  • A good shaman knows that they are the connection between their clients and the spirit world.
  • They know that it is their duty to connect them to their inner self and help in spiritual and physical healing.
Top Tips for Choosing a Shamanic Healer

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